Purchase Photos - 2018 Prices

MOST photos taken by Derek Smith on racepulse.com are for sale.
Exceptions are: IMSA and NASCAR Truck photos are NOT for sale.
Photos by other photographers are usually for sale - please email for info.

The photos that you see on the site are low grade web photos; the actual photos are higher quality.
(they are shrunk and COMPRESSED jpg - that's why they look distorted);

If you're buying several photos or larger prints, i can crop them to make the car appear larger,
adjust the brightness, and sometimes remove some unwanted objects at the edge of the photo.
If there are just a few changes, there is no charge for this.



8x12: $14 - 3 or more $12 each - 8 or more $10 each

4x6: $4 - 8 for $25 - 16 or more $2.75 each

5x7: $7.50 - 8 or more $5 each - 16 or more $4.50 each
(be aware that a 5x7 will be slightly cropped at each side, and I often shoot the photos with the subject right to the edges, so please check).

12x18: $30.00 - 3 for $70

18x24: $45.00 - 2 for $70

24x36: $70 - 2 for $120

Larger quantities available at further discount.


Available for 8x12, 12x18, 5x7 prints and usually larger.

Various styles are possible (photo to edge, photo with matte edge, etc ).

Make ideal thank-you gifts for sponsors and crew. Ready to hang.

I can add writing, logos etc to them (NO additional cost if you're buying several).

Email for quote.

For example, photo to edge, 5x7 $30; 8x12 $40; 12x18 $70; 18x24 $105



Note these are NOT the original hi-res images.

They are reduced size for online, and NOT for printing.

They do not have watermarks

1000x667: $4.50 - 8 or more 3.75 each - 16 or more $3 each

700x467: $3.50 - 8 or more $3 each - 16 or more $2.50 each

600x400: $3.25 - 8 or more 2.75 each - 16 or more 2.19 each

500x333: $3.00 - 8 or more $2.50 each - 16 or more $1.88 each


12x18 print size (3600x2400px - about 5mb) $40 for 1

8x12 print size (2500x1667px - about 2.2-2.8mb) $17 for 1, $90 for 8

5x7 print size (1600x1143px - about 1.2-1.7mb) $8 for 1, $42 for 8

4x6 print size (1200x800px - about .8- 1mb) $6 for 1, $36 for 8


Orders can vary depending on destination. Please ask for a final quote.
These are the usual prices for orders shipped within Ontario.
I normally send photos in a bubble cushioned water resistant mailer, with protective cardboard.
If we can meet at the track or elsewhere, you can avoid these charges.

A few 4x6 prints $5; more $8. Xpress Post $12-18.

A few 8x12 prints Xpress Post $15-18.

12x18 prints - email for a final quote (will be delivered in a tube mailer).

When you place an order, I need to know the photo's ID.

You can get the ID (picture number) by clicking on 'help and show Photo ID'. Please note that I will have a photo ordering system in place at some point, and the photo selection buttons to the left of the larger pictures only retain the photo IDs while you are viewing a single slide show of pictures. Please copy these numbers down, or cut and paste. I will automate this when I have time.
right click on the photo - click on 'save as' - browser will give you the photo number.

Please specify if you want Glossy or Matt finished prints (I normally do Matt ie 'Lustre' if you don't specify).

I will take a cheque, but I don't send the photos until the cheque has cleared (usually 10 days or so).
If you can send a money order, I'll have them printed and sent when I receive it.
I also take Paypal or e-transfer.

I normally let RACERS use a few photos of their car from my site (as they appear on my site) for free to post. Please don't link directly to a photo on my site - i move them around from time to time, and your link will be broken. Download them, then upload to wherever you're posting please. A link to www.racepulse.com is appreciated.

Also, I am willing to take custom photos for you. Please let me know your requirements, and I can give you a quote. I can do team shots, sponsor shots, etc.

All prices on this page are subject to change.

Let me know and I'll send you a final quote and further details.

Please email me at




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