The first column on the left offers you categories to navigate this site. Selecting an entry either presents you with a list of links in the second column, or opens up a new window in the main display window (where you are now). You can return to the first page that you saw here at any time by selecting Home.

You can use any of the categories to visit other sites, or you can create your own customized list of links by choosing the Favourites category (see below). This allows you to narrow down the hundreds of links that we offer to a smaller list that is best suited to your own needs.

If you choose any of the links to other sites, a new window will open containing your chosen site. A quick way to close that new window in Internet Explorer is to use the Ctrl-w keys (works for most sites).


You can build a personal list of your favourite links that remains available each time you visit Please read this whole section if this is the first time that you are building a favourites list.

Choose Favourites in the left column - the favourites list is initially empty.

Click on the change button to get a complete list of link choices that are available.

Choose any links from the list, (or remove ones that you don't want) by clicking on the box beside the name. Checked items will be included. When you are finished click on the done button.

You can completely clear your favourites list by clicking on the Clear All button. You may wish to do this if you vary your list over the racing season. For example, during Florida Speedweeks in February, you may build a special list of links for the events during that week.

Your favourites list will be saved for you to use in the future, as long as you use the same computer (and browser). You must also enter this site exactly the same way. If you enter using "" or you enter using "", then 2 different favourites lists will be created (this may change).

If your browser will not save your Favourites list, you will need to download a more current browser (versions are available for free). A few examples (not endorsed by us) are the latest version of Internet Explorer (Microsoft), Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and Netscape.

If you are using a current browser and still have problems, make sure that you have "cookies" enabled on your browser. (In Internet Explorer, this is under the "Tools" option, then choose "internet options", choose "privacy", then set "settings" to a level that allows cookies). If you should at some point delete the "cookies" from your pc, then you will have to recreate your favourites.

PLEASE NOTE - WE DO NOT SAVE OR COLLECT ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION IN THE COOKIES. WE ONLY SAVE THE LINKS THAT YOU HAVE SELECTED, AND WE DO NOT COLLECT THIS INFORMATION - IT IS ONLY SAVED ON YOUR PC. Although we could use this information to attract sponsors, we have chosen not to do so, and will continue not to do so in the future, in order to maintain the integrity of the site - thanks - Derek.


You can view the photo section by selecting Photos in the left column, or by clicking on the sample photos.

When you have chosen a photo subject, clicking on any photo will open a new window displaying a short slide show of pictures.

You can browse these photos, and select any that you wish to have added to a personal list. Note that this feature is under construction - for now you can view photos that you have selected in the current slide show only. When you leave each slide show, the selected photos are DISCARDED. Soon, this list will be saved in a similar way to your favourites links list, so that you can view a group of photos later, or order copies of any photos.

A photo ordering system is also under construction. For now, choose "help and show selected info" to view the current photo's id (as well as any of your "selected" photos), and email Derek directly for ordering information.

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