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I travelled from Flamboro's practice to Merrittville Speedway this afternoon. After 2 weekends of rainouts, Merrittville held their season opening race tonight. Mat Williamson won the Modified feature, followed by Gary Lindberg, Scott Wood, Pete Bicknell, Chad Brachmann and Mike Bowman. Cody McPherson won the Sportsman feature, with James Friesen in 2nd, Brent Begolo 3rd, Chad Chevalier 4th and Adam Leslie 5th. Dave Bailey won the Hoosier Stock feature, followed by Rob Murray, Mark Fawcett, Ryan Beagle and Pete Reid. The top 3 in the 4 Cylinder division were Alex Riley, Nick Erskine and Austyn Werstroh. Josh Sliter won the Mod Lite feature, followed by Brent Begolo and Tyler Winger. For full official results and more info, please see Merrittville Speedway .

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