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Dale Shaw won the 144 lap Jr Hanley Pro Late Model feature, followed by Danny Benedict, Samantha Shaw, Billy Zardo, Dwayne Baker, Blair Wickett, Jo Lawrence, Gord Shephard, JR Fitzpatrick and Ryan Kimball. Johnny Morrison won the Super Stock feature, with Cole Burrows in 2nd and Nick Tooley in 3rd. Josh Inglis won the first Legends feature, followed by Josh Hicks and Parker Traves. Josh Hicks won the second Legends feature, with Parker Traves in 2nd and Dawson Drimmie in 3rd. Doug Butler won the Mini Stock feature, followed by Shawn Taylor and Blaise Shaw. Wyatt Sprung won the Jr Late Model feature. For full official results and more info, please see Sunset Speedway .

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